I am a Trailblazer

We all are Trailblazers. Let's Trailblaze together.


About Me

Salesforce Trailblazer

"I feel ever so humble and grateful for the career I could build because of Salesforce. The people I have met during my still very young career are so amazing and they are also one of the reasons, why I decided to become a trailblazer. For me, trailblazing is the creative, almost artistic ability everyone holds within our industry. It is an outlet that allows to walk a path that has not been walked on before. Trailblazing gives room for experimenting and room for success and failure. In the end, Trailblazing is the process and the path. The path that everyone walks on, in their own terms. I share my journey with you and it totally excites me."

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Time is the most valuable thing there is. We all have only a limited amount of it and it therefore becomes ever so important how to spend it and who to spend it with. Appreciating this, I feel privileged to give back some of my time to the global salesforce community and pledge some of it to projects for non profit organisations. So if you are a NPO, reach out to me as I am happy to help wherever I can.

Pledge Hours : 2021